Thursday, 21 February 2019

February's Book - Illumination 1: Another future by Burkhard Voges

Illumination 1: Another future by Burkhard Voges

This month's featured book comes from German author Burkhard Voges. It's a fun Doctor Who / Hitchhiker's Guide type adventure with plenty of science and time complications.

The future. A possible future. Do the friends Alenia, Bernard, Colin, Denise and others live in a reality manipulated by forces that they do not control and understand? Everyone sets out in his or her own unique way in search of truth and enlightenment. At the same time they have to recognize again and again that reality is often not as it seems. Could it be that aliens, secret rulers or corrupt gods control and exploit the entire human race? And what does all this have to do with a Terran city on Mars in the year 2223? The experiences of Alenia, Bernard, Colin, Denise and others are bizarre, sad, but also humorous and profound. Will Alenia, Bernard, Colin, Denise and others get to the bottom of the mystery of their personal existence?

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